I’m a creative at heart, and always will be. I love to make things, and my satisfaction comes from how successful those ‘things’ are.

I’m primarily a visual designer, although for myself I define this category relatively broadly: graphic design, photography, product styling, animation, branding, webdesign, and anything in between. I also work with audio, particularly music production, so in this sense you could call me a ‘multimedia designer’.

I’ve worked extensively in advertising and cycling/sports industries. In both of these segments, I’ve had the chance to push my skills to their limits. I find that being on the ‘bleeding edge’ means I’m constantly learning and adding new skills to my repertoire.

My musical works (such as ‘Thesis’) have reached international success in the last few years, with my productions being regularly played by radio/club DJ’s in numerous countries across the world. This success has also materialised into commercial releases with record labels in Australia, New Zealand and the UK.

My goal is simply to keep pushing my talents further and further, to see what I’m capable of, in order to create truly remarkable work for myself and for clients!

I’m currently based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

You can also find me on: